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Susy’s Zoo Japanese & Nail

Sushi × Su (Vinegar)

Sushi su is sushi rice includes vinegar Company’s name comes with a wish of experiencing a nice sushi culture for several people all over the world just like zoo’s.

Susy’s Zoo Japanese & Nail is by Satomi who was born and new up as a daughter of Edomae Sushi chef with over 50 years experience in Adachi city, Tokyo. She started because its good to have a job where she can make use of all of her experience including becoming master of sushii information naturally. SUSHI became an internationally famous Japanese food. It is Edema sushi. But most people don’t know traditional sushi including the taste of sushi.

Her father’s sushi is normal and it’s not special for her Edomae sushi. It’s only natural to her that. Most of her father’s customer say ” It’s really delicious.” “I’m really happy because your sushi is very delicious, even though I came all the way.” and so on.

I think ” What kind of sushi have you eaten?” and I’d love you to know Edema sushi including taste and she can provide SUSHIDO with original sushi.

There are many sushi making experiences but she thinks most important things for you to know taste of traditional Edema sushi. You could make delicious food if you eat delicious food. How do you study to know taste of sushi and the most important things to eat sushi sushi bar at once?

SUSHIDO is not only a great experience, It’s like 2 hours homestay even if you travel to Tokyo.



one cannot understand even a holy man’s teachings without study; one cannot know the abilities of a great man without putting him to use; one cannot know the delicious taste of fine food without eating it

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Learn Japanese spirits through eating Japanese foods