• Learn Japanese spirits through eating sushi

Gratitude expressions in Japanese and Japanese food cultures


There are many gratitude expressions in Japanese.

Do you know why? It is based on our descendants’s thinking.

I’d like to explain about God for Japanese and western people.

God is translated as “Kami” in Japanese.

Think of God and Kami as separate things.

God is the only being in the religion.

God created the universe itself, but Kami appeared after the universe was created.

Since ancient times, Japanese think kami(God) is, in short, a personalization of a natural phenomenon.

According to the Japanese view of nature, nature is considered to be a higher entity than human beings, and Japanese think that “people are alive by the blessings of nature.

“According to traditional Japanese values, “people are descendants of God.”

The descendants of God mean that “people are descendants of nature.”

Japanese view of nature like this can also be seen in, for example, the manner of eating every last grain of rice.

It has been the basis of Japanese education that “if you dont eat every last grain of rice, you will lost your sight”.

Also, we say “Itadaki-masu”  before meals.

This means “I will receive your life”.

It comes from the fact that people cannot survive unless we continue to ingest the lives of animals and plants.

In addition, we say “Gochiso sama-deshita” after meals with gratitude to the people who prepared the meal.

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