• 2 hours home stay program at Sushi bar


Directly by a daughter of sushi chef

Going to traditional sushi restaurant is very special for most Japanese. Only other hand, going to sushi go round is not a special thing for most Japanese. Why? There is a big reason or a big difference between two sushis.



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〜Study the Tradition of Sushi〜

It will be a hands-on course for sushi shop beginners. Not only eating, but also learning about sushi that you don’t know. At least you want to know.

You could be…

*Join us  if you fall into the category.

  • You could know sushi history, easy Japanese phrases, manner at sushi bar and how to use chopsticks proper way.
  • You could know taste of traditional sushi.
  • You could eat sushi most delicious way.

Highly recommended for

*Join us  if you fall into the category.

  • People who want  to order sushi in Japanese.(Beginner, Language:English)
  • People who want to talk to a sushi chef with over 50 years experience. You can ask any questions to his daughter.
  • People who want to enjoy the atmosphere of downtown Tokyo and feel a real Japanese lifestyle even if you are traveling.
  • ​People who want to go to a genuine Sushi bar that has a sushi counter.
  • People who need to invite important guests to a sushi bar.
  • ​People who aren’t acquainted with manners as for eating sushi.
  • ​People who know only sushi go round and taking away sushi.
  • ​People who want to know the origins of sushi manners.