About Owner

​My background

Satomi Yamada


Sushi chef 
who was born in Fukagawa
I was born on Christmas
Daughter of priest in Fukuoka

* A person who was born and raised in Edo (Tokyo). They are characteristically associated with not fussy, obstinate, always making a pun, humanity and sentimental.


in Junior high school

in high school and university

My high school has a sister school in USA. 

Enjoying international exchange♬

I feel that many foreigners know about their own countries very well. When I went abroad, I was often proud of my nationality. In addition, I was trying  to study about  various field because I met many people who are familiar with various fields  and  one of my hobby is getting qualification.


Going to Sydney for training to Japanese teacher.
➡︎ Worked as a Japanese teacher in Japan.

Through my experience, I found most people didn’t know about sushi very well, like me. I became  master of sushi information naturally, but I hated. When I went to a foreign countries, I felt that most foreigners can explain about their country very well.  But I was embarrassed that I couldn’t answer questions about Japanese culture.  I wonder if most Japanese who aren’t interested in Japanese culture? and we don’t have any chance to learn Japanese culture. I hope as many people as possible have the opportunity to learn about sushi.