Directly by a daughter of sushi chef

SUSHIDO is an experience Japanese culture and Japanese life through sushi and acquire a Japanese spirit.

You will learn the Japanese spirit while experiencing what is important in a Japanese house, how to communicate with Japanese people, what is important in serving and sushi bar and the best way of eating Sushi.

[Experience Time] 90 minutes 

* Time required depends on the number of people

[Start time] 11:00 / 17:00 (18:00 on Friday)

[Language] English

Sushi experience Tokyo explore sightseeing in Japan option
10. Practice what you’ve learn
Choose the original sushi (nigiri and chirashi) and practice what you have learned. You can enjoy talking with sushi chef at the counter.* Depending on how busy the bar is. You can definitely enjoy private class at the counter.* Please check the photo for meal details.If you know the taste of a traditional sushi bar, you will be able to make delicious sushi.

Sushi experience Tokyo explore sightseeing in Japan option
11. Certificate & Souvenir
You could get a certificate and souvenir.This experience as a whole will be a close representation to real life in Japan. We hope you enjoy this trip.
12. Option
You can enjoy not only nail care but also kanji nail and nail polish. Click here for details.

You could be…

*Join us  if you fall into the category.

  • You could know sushi history, easy Japanese phrases, manner at sushi bar and how to use chopsticks proper way.
  • You could know taste of traditional sushi.
  • You could eat sushi most delicious way.

Highly recommended for

*Join us  if you fall into the category.

  • People who want  to order sushi in Japanese.(Beginner, Language:English)
  • People who want to talk to a sushi chef with over 50 years experience. You can ask any questions to his daughter.
  • People who want to enjoy the atmosphere of downtown Tokyo and feel a real Japanese lifestyle even if you are traveling.
  • ​People who want to go to a genuine Sushi bar that has a sushi counter.
  • People who need to invite important guests to a sushi bar.
  • ​People who aren’t acquainted with manners as for eating sushi.
  • ​People who know only sushi go round and taking away sushi.
  • ​People who want to know the origins of sushi manners.