Directly by a daughter of sushi chef
[Experience Time]
90 minutes * Time required depends on the number of people
[Start time]
11:00 / 17:00 (18:00 on Friday)
Group (1 person) 5,000 yen
Private (1 person) 10,000 yen

① Meeting at Ayase station

​You would worry to the place you don't know. 

Don't worry about it.

​We will pick you up at Ayase station East exit.





​②Tour around Ayase

We will guid you  from Ayase station till the venue.

You will find something new in the place where is NOT sightseeing.

This experience as a whole will be a close representation to real life in Japan.

​③The place is on 2F at Sushi bar

The venue will be on the second floor of the sushi bar that has been running over 60 years. Go through the sushi bar to the room on the second floor. When you go upstairs, take off your shoes. It is held in a Japanese-style room. Not only sushi culture, you can also make simple chopstick rests and experience Japanese culture.


We will give you socks before entering the room.

Do you know why?

You can learn not only about "sushi" but also about Japanese culture and "Japanese hospitality".

There are also words before and after meals.

​⑤Sushi history

You would enjoy sushi history quiz. 

In the beginner class, you will also know  the origin of sushi.

Is it good for trip story?

⑥Technical terms of sushi

Originally, the rule of a sushi bar was to use "hidden words" at the counter so that customers would not understand.

It might be interesting to understand the origin?

⑦ Order sushi in Japanese

Learn simple Japanese for ordering.You will order the original sushi you want to eat. It's up to you if you can eat original sushi!

⑧ The best way of eating sushi

Do you eat sushi deliciously?

One of the answers to the sushi chef's "hospitality" is to eat deliciously. How about teaching a travel souvenir how to eat deliciously?

⑨ Manners at a sushi bar

We will teach you manners t sushi bar and also give you some advice for g to a sushi bar.

⑩ Practice what you've learn

Choose the original sushi (nigiri and chirashi) and practice what you have learned.

You can enjoy talking with sushi chef at the counter.

* Depending on how busy the bar is. You can definitely enjoy private class at the counter.

* Please check the slide photo for meal details.

If you know the taste of a traditional sushi bar, you will be able to make delicious sushi.

11.Certificate & Souvenir

You could get a certificate and souvenir.

This experience as a whole will be a close representation to real life in Japan.

We hope you enjoy this trip.




12. Option

You can enjoy not only nail care but also kanji nail and nail polish.

Click here for details.

​2019 Susy's Zoo Japanese & Nail
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